Australia’s Premier Fly‐fishing

The rivers, streams and lakes surrounding Riverview Lodge are renowned for their trout, making this one of Australia’s premier fly-fishing locations and a ‘must fish’ destination for the avid fly-fisherman.

As an experienced fly‐fisherman, fly tier and bamboo rodmaker, Brad will be your guide as you chase that dream fish.

With a specially imported Hyde Drift Boat and Canadian‐style canoes, you will experience a unique Australian angling adventure. The boats provide unfettered access to kilometre after kilometre of pristine water, including the Swampy Plain and Upper Murray rivers. There’s simply no better way to cover so much water.

In addition to the main rivers at the Lodge’s doorstep, there are many other delightful streams and lakes from 30 minutes to 2 hours away, from the Nariel Valley to the High Country. The fishing options are very impressive, and so are the fish, with both Brown and Rainbow trout from 500g‐2.5kg (1‐6 lbs).

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Australia's Premier Fly-Fishing