Delicious Home Cooking

Taste. Comfort. And pleasure. That’s what it’s all about at Riverview Lodge.

We specialise in dinners, but we don’t serve breakfast or lunch.

We grow our own fresh herbs and vegetables. Pick our fresh fruit fresh off the tree. Buy only free‐range chickens. At Riverview Lodge, it’s as much about great food as it is about great fly‐fishing.

So whether it’s our Slow Roast Chicken served with roasted lemon and fennel or our marinated T‐Bone Steaks served with our famous mashed potatoes, red cabbage and a just‐picked garden fresh salad. You will love every bite and rest assured, we always make enough for seconds.

At Riverview Lodge, great taste comes three great ways:

  1. We can do it all for you. Cook the dinner you want, served in the great room or on the deck, when you want.
  2. You can do it yourself. Simply fire up the BBQ and take advantage of the fully‐equipped kitchenette while enjoying a spectacular sunset from your private patio.
  3. Or, you can go out and enjoy one of Corryong’s country restaurants or pubs.

Bon appetit!
Delicious food at Riverview Lodge B&B in the Snowy Mountains